Truckee Art Haus-Railyard Theater Update

The Planning Commission will be reviewing the Truckee Art Haus – Railyard Theater at their March 19, 2019 meeting. The staff report will be released five days before the hearing (Thursday, March 14, 2019).

The applicant is requesting the following land use approvals: 1) Zoning Clearance to construct a 12,130 s.f. three-screen movie theater and performing arts theater in the Truckee Railyard Master Plan Area.  The large auditorium is about 3,057 SF with 199 seats, the first small auditorium is 1,541 SF with 95 seats and the second small auditorium is 1,363 SF with 84 seats. The theater would also function as a meeting hall/event center. The Railyard Master Plan requires Zoning Clearance for “small project” less than 15,000 s.f. of gross floor area; 2) Zoning Clearance to operate a bar and drinking establishment within the Downtown Extension district; 3) Minor Use Permit for encroachments into the proposed Phase 1 Railyard Final Map 8’ Public Utility Easement and Access Easement on Truckee Way; 4) Minor Exception for minor deviations from the streetwall articulation standard; and 5) Sign Plan for the marquee sign and projecting sign.